design approach


With extensive years in the Texas design market, K. Rue Designs works with clients, from primary residences to vacation homes.  No matter project size, the design experience evolves and revolves around the client.  Significant effort is placed on including in the design items that are important to the client, whether it be a family heirloom; a favorite photo or drawing or a piece that has special meaning.  Clients are given design options, not just one plan that the designer envisions.  Man caves, custom Mom retreats, exclusive nursery and toddler designs to teens and even custom pet stations, all members of the family are considered in the design process.


Their passion for renewing, refinishing, reinventing or reusing pieces the client already owns can be found in many of their projects.  Through the use of computer aided design the client can view the room before it is built, both in line drawings and full color 3-D renderings.  This visual brings the room to life, allowing the client to walk thru their virtual future.

Bathroom Floor Plan.JPG
Tub and Her Vanity Drawing.JPG